Roma is  majestic filmmaking. This black and white memory piece has moments of  startling spiritual grandeur that will stick to your soul long after you leave the theater. The film takes place in Mexico in the seventies. There is a combination of magical mysticism and horrific political and class struggles that fight for recognition during the film. The centerpiece epic moments are meditative contemplations. A Latino balladeer serenades a town trying to contain a fire. A nude young man performs a martial arts exercise using a shower curtain pole for his girlfriend. An emergency caesarian birth. The washing of ocean waves during a potential drowning. Attention to detail is paramount to witnessing this movie. There is no music score and rarely do you hear any source music. The sound design and cinematography refuses to let your mind wander. This is Alfonso Cuaron’s first film since Gravity. Already a legend based on his canon of work which includes A Little Princes, Y Tu Mam Tambien and Children of Men, he moves to the top ranks of directors with this masterpiece.

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