Spotify Release-Origins-Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons dropped their new CD “Origins” on Friday. 15 kick ass hook driven rock pleasures that will warm the most cynical. This is the type of warm and fuzzy album for those that long for the glory days of rock. The guitar licks on “Machine” are goose pimply. “Bad Luck” is a One Republic harmonic blend tainted with rock n’ roll characteristics. And wow to “West Coast”. Gospel country rock that will push you through the roof. “Zero” from yet to be released film “Ralph Breaks The Internet” has dizzy rapid fire lyrics. “Stuck” is an attempt for some depth. Their lyric writing isn’t exceptional but with this track they show promise.

“I been afraid, don’t wanna fade out of my body
I been astray, barely awake, floating above me”

The following tracks mellow out with “Love” and “Burnout”. The use of  complex harmonies are thrilling.

The final song “Real Life” is a testament to Twin Towers and Boston Marathon. The lyrics are devastating.

“Turn your phone off, won’t you look me in my eye?
Can we live that real life, real life?” and

she prays on her knees as the towers fall
To a god she does not know
She’s begging him to stop the mess”

As the Boston bombs will blow (Ooh)

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