Spotify Release-Elle King

Elle King kicks off her “Shake The Spirit” with “Talk of the Town” a sweet rock throwback that would make Patti Smith and Joan Jett proud. The chilling guitar riff is a wonder. “Baby Outlaw” sounds so righteous. You would swear it was scooped up from a 1966 garage band. Or is it her version of “Run Around Sue” by Dion? Grab hold of the next cut “Shame” and feel the fun. She wants us to “Come pray with me, be safe with me.”  This Mama song is coupled with the next track “Man’s Man”. Get ready for the driving drums on “Naturally Pretty Girls”. I love her snarling vocalizing on “Told You So.” She slows things down ‘Good Thing Gone”. Do I dare mention the similarity to Janis Joplin? Funky blues punk shines throughout each cut. The arrangement on “It Girl” is dopey crazy. Things mellow with “Sober”. She kills these lyrics by talking

I think of you from time to time

You know, every once in a while

It’s gotten better

Now, it’s every other night

But also the nights in-between

And every second of every hour of everyday

And I wonder, will that day ever come when I don’t wonder why

Yeah, I couldn’t been nicer, but you lied


Cameron Neal joins Elle for “Chained” a pristine Country waling duet.

The grand finale is “Little Bit of Lovn’”. Joplin and Dusty Springfield comes through loud and clear as Elle belts her way through this gorgeous music minefield.

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