Famous-theater review

Celebrity, drugs, me2, parenting, overdose, and child sexual abuse are dealt with in Michael Leoni’s new play. New ground is broken as we are bombarded with wall to wall music without respite. To facilitate dialogue each actor had individual face mikes. (similar to what we’ve gotten used to for musicals). Michael also directs with a flourish for tricks which include slow motion and freeze frame. The lead character sits in front of a 5 screen television monitor watching the proceedings in five different rooms of his house by video cameras. Once you appreciate the gimmick it becomes baffling as to what the purpose is. The 1994-time frame doesn’t really add to our involvement. The reasoning behind the drug use, that most of the large cast of characters participate in is predictable due to countless previous films, books, television, and theater that have done a superior job of explaining this phenomenon. At 2 and ½ hours it could use 30 minutes of pruning.  Now the good news is they’ve done a superlative job remodeling of the Old Globe Playhouse on Kings Road. It has become a state of the art theater with comfortable seats, working air conditioning, and excellent lighting. The lobby has remained a comfy old school feel with a bar for millennials. This is a welcome addition to West Hollywood and I look forward to future productions of The 11:11.


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