Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde At The Village

This is an odd duck to being showcased at The Gay and Lesbian Village since there isn’t any GLBTQ content. Burt Gainstead relishes playing Jekyll and Hyde. Anna Stromberg rips through the other ten or so characters-a policeman, maid, girlfriend, girlfriend’s doctor father, prostitute etc. You get the picture. We are in the “Mystery of Irma Vep” territory. The gimmick of playing multiple roles with lighting speed costume changes that build up to hysterical laughter payoff isn’t fulfilled in this show. Both actors are up for the challenge and give their best. Anna directed and they co-wrote the play. There isn’t enough reason for this show to be done. The familiar story of good and evil doesn’t warrant examination and without laughter all you can do is head scratch. Clever use of bare bones set and only two actors required make this a possible commercially viable production. But only if the dialogue is reworked with better jokes. Tighter direction might help.


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