Spotify Release Coloured-Priscilla Renea

Priscilla Renae is such a glorious combination of great 60’s female icons-Dusty Springfield, Bobbie Gentry, Lulu, and Cilla Black.  I can even hear hints of Adele and Rihanna. Her soulful wailing is clear as a bell. She considers herself a country soul artist. I wouldn’t pigeon hole this woman. She is genre crossing divine! She thinks nothing of thunderous elongating notes on “If I Ever Loved You.” My favorite is “The Land of the Free”. The musical tag at the end of the song has a blistering arrangement of “Star Spangled Banner” that is bone chilling. The guitar solo is flawless. Here is a sample of the lyrics chorus:

That’s just life for me

Living while black in the land of the free.

And I’m not gonna be quiet

Make a little noise and they call it riot.

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