A Love Poem for Barbra

I slipped the vinyl

Out of its sleeve

Gently placed the needle

In the groove.

I heard a clear toned


 Exaggerated phrasing

Emanating from the speakers.

Now you say

You’re lonely

You cried

The lone night through.”

The hairs on my forearm


My mouth opened

As I realized

A voice

singing to me

The snarling belt

That ended the song

Chilled me

I looked at

The album jacket.

The black cover

Had a girl

Standing in front

Of a microphone.

The Barbra Streisand Album.

I listened to

All 11 songs

Then I immediately

Played them again.

I couldn’t get enough.


For the rest of my life

I wanted to be

Barbra Streisand

Sing like her

Own the world

Like her superstar status.

(71) Barbra Streisand – Cry Me A River – YouTube

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