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From the first cut of Juval Porat’s new cd Rest –you will be lifted from gloom. A rich wall of sound with a driving beat makes for a joyful listen as his voice wraps you up spiritually. On Quarantine, the harmony flirts with classic Beach Boys and One Republic. By the third track Zochreinu, you know you are in the hands of a master Jewish stylist and interpreter. The title track has enough hooks to compete with Charlie Puth. His minimalist version of Hashkiveinu will soothe your fears with these translated lyrics:

Spread over us Your tabernacle of peace,
And guide us with Your good counsel.
Save us for Your name’s sake.
Shield us from every enemy, plague, sword, famine, and sorrow.
Remove the adversary from before and behind us.
Shelter us in the shadow of Your wings,

The final track Love Again is a plaintive dance infectious lament. You’ll want to listen to the cd again to get the full benefit of its meditative and healing qualities.

Rest – Cantor Juval Porat

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Spotify – Rest

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