Poem of the Week-Showering Ritual

Scalding water

Waterfalled against my head

Fingers apply the Pantene


Dove soap went directly

To my hairy underarms

Followed by my genitals

And ending in my ass

The rinse cycle

Followed with conditioner

To pump up the thinning follicles

With my smooth baby skin

Shaving Lotion smothered

Chin, upper lip and cheeks

Ready for the knife

Fingers grabbing my facial


To prevent any bloody outbursts

Saving the troubled spots

For the mirror safety.

The second rinse dissolves

Conditioner and lotion

The blue cotton towel

Soaks up moisture

Massages the scalp

And body parts

The final preparations

Sweeping away missing

Bristling areas

Blow drying to pump me up

And magic moisturizer to hide

Any wrinkles and thwart


A new me or old me

Pretending to be ready.

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