Queerly Departed

I will be one of the performers, sharing my words, at the Skylight Theater on Wednesday November 30th at 7 P.M.-1816 1/2 Vermont Avenue in Los Feliz.

Skylight Theatre Company and QueerWise will mark World AIDS Day by presenting Queerly ImpartedQueerly Imparted melds comedy and tragedy, while never forgetting its mission to keep us vigilant of HIV/AIDS. The theme of the evening will play on the supernatural. Current QueerWise members and alumni will perform material from previous World AIDS Day works, directed by Michael Kearns. In addition, the first Wizard of Words Awards will be presented to community leaders whose work illustrates the power of words: Roland Palencia, Rabbi Robin Podolsy, and Terry Wolverton. 

2 thoughts on “Queerly Departed

  1. Sounds FABULOUS! Congratulations on being included. Will you actually be working with Michael Kearns? WOW! I bet that will be a terrific experience.


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