Observations-My desk

The view of King’s row park out of my double pained windows is blocked by overgrown shrubbery promised to be cut. Noisy dogs can’t hurt me. My wedding picture from 2008 stares at me—my husband’s blue bowtie makes me laugh. The desk table reminds me of my friend Larry who sold it to me 20 years ago. Another friendship on the brink of loss because he lives in Arizona with dementia. The amazon speakers with blue light brighten the sound. A rock with the words seize the day refers to my 40 years of accounting. The faded coaster with a cow begs for green tea with sugar to keep me awake. The black ergonomic desk chair celebrates a twenty year anniversary. One of the arm rests is held together with duct tape. The blood sweat and tears of my writing relishes each moment on my acer laptop—juicing my day.

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