Poem of the week-First

I took Laurie to see

Funny Girl

The 8th time for me

Either New Year’s Eve

Or Prom Night

Laurie was a neighbor

Her unit directly across

From our Flores apartment


She cried at the end of the movie

I didn’t know what to do

We drove to the valley

And ate at the Russian restaurant

Moskov Cliffs

The blini’s or pancakes

Were fluffy

I had to loosen my belt

From overeating

At the end of the evening

I wanted to kiss her

Laurie’s pink lipstick

Was sticky

Like chewing gum

When I pulled away

From her mouth

Thin tentacles kept

Us attached

I think this was the first time

I kissed a girl

I felt nothing

Not even a sense of


That was our last date

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