Poem of the Week-Faith

In the morning,

I used to jump

Out of bed

At 6.

Bursting with tasks.

Dreams to ponder

I get to pause

like a comma.

That feeling of finding

A second of bliss

Has been sneaking

Up on me.

I have taken down

My catastrophizing

By a notch.

But just

When I thank my happy pills

I get run over

By an out of whack


Wouldn’t it be nice

Not get angry

In La Cienega


Wouldn’t it be loverly

To not forget

Where I put my red

iPhone 13?

I thought red

Would standout

But the black

Otter box cover

Camouflaged the instrument.

How about eating

A gluten free- almond bar

Without my stomach

Feeling like a balloon

about to pop

I feel like I am

Skimming the fat

Off of milk or chicken soup

When I try to absorb

Overloaded information.

I let covid

Make decisions for me.

I want faith

To tackle me again.

To believe in faith

Do you have to believe in God?

Should Prayer be an artistic expression?

I didn’t have faith

Until I started

going to Beth Chayim Chadishim

When I turned 36.

The first time

I entered

A house of worship

Since my Bar Mitzvah.

And when I found faith

I swallowed it like

A dehydrated victim

Drinking water

But 25 years that faith vanished

Only to be replaced

By faith in my writing

And performing.                                                        

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