Poem of the Week-Sheryl versus Lena

Sheryl Lee Ralph gave

the best acceptance Speech

Since Lena Horne

After winning

the Emmy

For Abbot Elementary

Like Lena, Sheryl

both sang

During their acceptance

Of course, Lena added

The campiness for

Stroking her microphone

During her words of thanks.

Passion shot through me

With Sheryl’s heavily

Beaded headdress

And black silk dress

This majestic woman

Owned the stage

Defining grace

I saw her portray

Diana Ross

In Dreamgirls

40 years ago

I knew she had

An annual AIDS fundraiser

But otherwise, she was

Off my radar

The no-nonsense teacher she

Plays on Abbot Elementary

Won my heart

I love this woman.

Watch Sheryl Lee Ralph’s stunning Emmys speech for ‘Abbott Elementary’ | Mashable

Lena Horne wins 1981 Special Tony Award – YouTube

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