Poem of the Week-Opened Memory

After my father died in July of 1965,

I was in my parent’s ghost bedroom

Looking for nothing.

The beige furniture bureau

With a spotted mirror,

Showed a boney boy.

The green eyes stared back

As my hand felt

The top drawer slide open.

The envelope contents said,

“To be read after my death.”

 I opened and read the letter.

My father said

Whatever money is left,

Please take an expensive vacation

With Gordon and Elyse

And do what I would do

If I had some extra money.

I know you’ll do wisely W

With the money.

It’s not much

But I tried.


Guilt from sneaking

Forced me to lock up.

Years later

The unleashed memory

Asked my mom

If Dad wrote the letter

Because he knew

Of his impending death

She said it was written

Long before he had cancer

Not knowing he would die before his 40th birthday.

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