Poem of the week-Countering

Counters are cluttered

With unwashed glasses & dishes.

The strainer for berries is face down

On the bacteria laden tiles.

The grater stands silvery tall

On the topsy turvy countertops.

He uses the grater

For the ginger root

That he blends

With yogurt and whey

For his magical drink

That helps his

78-year-old body

Do the butterfly stroke

Each morning I try

To sweep away

The culprits and

Placing them on the window sill

That stares at our atrium.

I want to be able

To sponge away the debris

In one swoop

But I can’t

Crumbs seep out

Of the toaster oven

Moisture leaks

From the dish drainer


 So, the rubber mat

On the stone browned tiles

Absorbs the scraps.

It’s hard to let it go.

Different from West Hollywood

Where peace and organization rule the day. 

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