Spies of No Country

It was only when I got half way through the book that I found anything compelling -Friedman’s explanation about Jewish identities—someone who looks like you but isn’t you. He brings up the example of Dreyfus believing himself to be a Frenchman but France thought of him as an alien

Amazing that the Jewish spy might have gotten caught because he used toilet paper rather than cleaning themselves with water-an Arab Muslin practice.

The final sections of the book that explore the relationships the spies had with women almost redeems the work.

The book rarely introduces the ways these spies had to deny their identity as Jews. In one sequence there is discussion about what happens if they saw Arabs beating up an Israeli and the advice was to join in—if not there were disastrous results resulting in deaths because their undercover identities would be exposed. Gamliel, one of the spies, passes by a synagogue and hears Hebrew prayers. He nearly breaks down but then has to remind himself that he is playing the role of an Arab Muslim.

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