Poem of the Week-Streaming

Netflix stole my soul

Following the stream

Captioning my life

Because you had blurred me

Left constricted to a chair

For two hours

My boiling impatience

Waiting for you to begin

Stacked against me

The live magic dribbled away

The choices diminished

The life span said

Don’t waste time on me

The solo journeys

Crawled back memories

That should remain closeted

Where are the laughs

Or claps?

Where is the “moment”?

Can it be recreated or

Is it a sign of doomsday?

One thought on “Poem of the Week-Streaming

  1. Netflix stole your soul . Then question arises as to how you are alive soulless in this soulful world ? But your poetry is soulful . Nice . Beautiful . With a sense of humor and seriousness—both . A thoughtful poem . Thanks ! Happy New Year !


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