Poem of the Week-A Christmas Miracle

Then this happened

Before the pandemic

Christmas eve at Pasadena’s

All Saints Church

A sparkling spiritual evening

To cleanse the curse of the holidays

Our meditative friend Janet

Suggested the event.

Convincing Neal was a challenge.

We chose the most popular

 Service time eight p.m.

During our brisk chilled wait

To be led into the church,

We bonded with the line.

The wood paneled warm cathedral

Created a mystical space.

We were lavished with

A variety of religions

During the service.

A Buddhist and Moslem presence

Were part of program.

After the choir serenaded the crowd

A woman began reading in Hebrew.

 It was the student rabbi from temple

 Beth Chayim Chadishim

 A Christmas eve miracle.

Red green bows

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