Overcoming Deepest Grief

I was plunged into the world of hopeful despair that consumed the writer after the death of her wife of 18 years. Writer Mary Aviyah Farkas uses language and metaphors masterfully to convey pain, anger and joy  The mixture of poetry and prose makes for a fascinating read. I particularly enjoyed her explanation of the jars that Margaret kept and how the author relates to them after she died. By taking us through the intricate workings of her mind, the reader experiences her grief and the coping mechanisms. Her dry sense of humor is peppered throughout. An example is her passage about gardening—“Any working with my hands (gloved, thank you)” or “the inflamed muscles yelling at me.” She beautifully describes where she receives joy, helping the reader learn by example.  “I get joy talking with my friends. They feed my mind, they feed my heart and soul.” This book gives us the spiritual ammunition to cope with the last remnants our tired world.

Overcoming Deepest Grief, A Woman’s Journey: Grief, Acceptance, Gratitude and Joy: Farkas, Mary Aviyah: 9798753904539: Amazon.com: Books

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