Poem of the Week-My First Wedding

In 1974 I married

My blonde lover Scott.

A squirrely man

With a body full of moles

My second love.

A mock wedding

Ahead of its time

Anniversary of when

We first had sex.

The outdoor ceremony

At the old LGBT center

On Wilshire coveted us.

We wore blue and red caftans.

No flesh except for my mother

Sister and her boyfriend.

Scott’s parents didn’t acknowledge

Our relationship

Or their son’s gayness.

It was officiated by

My Jewish red haired friend Paul

And Christian Don for Scott

Even though he was an agnostic.

Scott would later break secret marriage vows

And sleep with Don.

Susie serenaded us with

Blown’ in The Wind

The sugary cake

Left a sweet aftertaste

That disguised

 The bubbling under


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