Poem of The Week-Bald Spot

The sweet bald spot

On the boyish blonde

Sitting across from of me

At Disney Hall

Pulled me in.

With his black mask

Open glasses

Brandon’s aura scooped up

His black-haired female friend.

While he watched Dudamel

Grooved with the conductor’s stick,

Tapping his fingers in mid-air.

Brandon’s very unbuttoned linen shirt

Exposed the fine curly hairs

On his chest.

He snapped photos

Of his girlfriend in model poses

She captured him as he

Modeled for the camera.

Was this love?

Happy that Brandon didn’t

Wear a wedding band.

I couldn’t stop

Admiring his thin waist

Engulfed in his manicured suit.

When Brandon looked

At his I-phone watch

I wondered if he was present

With his date.  

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