This winning series tackles the subject of domestic abuse without the histrionics we are familiar with from other limited series. The actors, director and writer brilliantly develop the story without cliché ridden cliff hangers at the end of each episode. Subtle artistic touches include sequences where Alex conjures up how much money she has to spend for gas or other essentials. (you’ll see the dollars diminish on the screen). This is vital and binge worthy. Andie McDowell gives her best performance to date and playing off her real life daughter, the magnificent Margaret Qualley, gives the film an unparalleld richness and depth.

MAID | Official Trailer | Netflix – YouTube

Maid (miniseries) – Wikipedia

2 thoughts on “Maid-Netflix

  1. Sounds good I will try it Last night Rob my ex husband and I watched Jaws again It is still good Now I want to watch Jaws 2 which is probably not as good Have u seen it? BR



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