Poem of the Week-Cozy Beach

I tried to howl at the Beach of Fires

“Please don’t go. You’re crazy.”

Intense Tasmania wind ripped

My umbrella to shreds

The sideway rain was soaking

My mom’s blue long nylon jacket.

The one remaining piece of clothing

Had been a good omen

On the trip.

Mom was protecting me.

He defiantly approached

The thrashing waves

Against rocks jutting

The beach area.

Chilling winds refused to stop

His red speedos from performing

I was gasping as he walked on the sand

Towards the treacherous ocean.

I swear he’s going to die or be left paralyzed.

With water splashing

Against my face

I can’t tell if I’m crying.

Clanging alarms begin punching.

 My thick crew socks are soggy.       

Ten minutes pass  

He returns with that damn smile.

I can’t reciprocate

The large red towel

Tries to stop the shivering.

 I pout when he sits beside me.

 He pulls out a pouch

 From his backpack and

 Withdrawing shiny silver.

 He hands it to me so I can

Slip it on his ring finger.

I have to grin

Knowing he took the precaution

Of keeping the wedding ring safe.

I’m still mad but I love him.

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