This brilliantly written page turner should be required reading.
Who could imagine that the caste system exists in The United States and that conversation is more important than racism?
1)Stigmatize a group as a whole because once you know someone in a lower caste system it is more difficult.
2)Dehumanization through medical experimentation.
3)When poor white America began having a shorter lifespan, they would think to themselves, well I may be poor and hungry and an addict but no one can take away my whiteness.
4)Those at the top of the caste system need to always prove that they are better than the lower caste population.
5)It makes the overall population less safe because the dominant class can blame the lower caste for evil or wrong doing that they commit. By blaming African Americans or Jews, it deflects from their own culpability.
6)Staying in the caste system is like playing a role.
7)Expecting the subdominant class to forgive the dominant class for their wrong doing-racism, slavery, and murder.
8)The caste system makes the subdominant class feel inferiority—that they have to be on their best behavior.

Caste in America: Isabel Wilkerson with John Dickerson | LIVE from NYPL – YouTube

Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents – Wikipedia

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