The Portal-Web Series

Debra Roventini holds together this sweet web series that will give you a chuckle that might turn to super laughs. I knew I was in good hands during episode 2, when the interplay between the police and operator at the station with slowed speech brought a healthy dose of giggles.

Don’t worry about the plot that combines melodrama and B movie structure, all the characters are on board to have a good time. The interplay between Debra and partner Rob has an irresistible Sonny and Cher vibe. Who can resist the hysterical Petty Ford with her cutting remarks? Ken MacFarlane as exasperating P.I. Rusty is a hoot. And, who can resist Chyke as Margaret Berke mangling an unidentified accent. You’ll be amazed at the production values from what looks like a minuscule budget. Debra never lets the silliness frazzle her and with smooth editing each episode breezes by at lightning speed.

Stunt Kitty Films’ The Portal Web Series – YouTube

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