Poem of the Week-501

The zipper holes

On my thirty-year-old levi

501 jeans are shredded.

Buttons won’t fasten.

When I was younger

Being unbuttoned

Was a sign

You were ready

For sex

As I aged


Caused me grief

Not giving me

Enough warning

When I have to urinate

Fingers quickly rip off

Metal buttons

Freeing my genitals

Damaging the denim

After my morning coffee

Bladder insists on emptying

Five times

Before being completely voided.

Despite my cheapness

I paid a seamstress $20.00 to repair

But it was temporary

The frayed holes returned

Like a mole that’s been scratched

Bleeds out

Reappears unhealed

Resignation the jeans

Have had a good run.

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