This five-part expose of the iconic designer who sabotaged her career with drugs, alcohol, and vicious sex is a mess. Ewan Mc Gregor doesn’t have the gravitas to hold the screen and bring Halston to life. Only Krysta Rodriquez as Liza Minelli-Halston’s sometime muse and confident, is able to break through the restraints of the bio-pic. Not quite a fascinating train wreck but the wardrobe recreations and an attempt at the designing process may be enough to keep a viewer engaged.

HALSTON | Official Trailer | Netflix – YouTube

Halston (miniseries) – Wikipedia

2 thoughts on “Halston-Netflix

  1. I thought it was a train wreck after the first episode and then got courage to start watching again. I ended up actually liking it and Ewan, which surprised me. Debbie

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