Poem of the Week-Handbag

In the crevice of the black bag

Miniature batteries wait

To perk up my hearing aids

After they announce their depletion

With Beethoven’s Ninth.

Wax guards line up

To be a protective shield

To scare away

Gooey imbedded ear wax.

The dirty smooth cloth

For smudged Costco glasses

Flaps in another pocket.

The sugared gum

From the 99-cent store

Is a last resort

When I fall asleep

While watching television

The chewing motion

Keeps me awake.

My trusted Kindle is filled

With Lawnboy by Paul Lisickly

And Oliver Sack’s

A Leg to Stand On

I pray they will keep me engaged

And not let my critical eye

Destroy my reading pleasure.

The I-phone stands tall

With stock market status


And my blog hits.

I can’t smell

The trader joe mints

Prevent an embarrassing bad breath.

The zippered sections

Leave room for surprising finds

To cheer me up

The bag is a trusted friend

That travels with me.

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