This series about Egyptian Ramy Hassan and his family living in New Jersey explodes with profound truths laced with comedy. The brilliant first season is followed by a second season that grabs you by the throat, rips at you with roaring drama and leaves you wickedly laugh exhausted. Actor Steve Way will break your heart and bust your smiles, who doesn’t let his muscular dystrophy get in the way of his performance.  My favorite episodes involved Ramy’s mother becoming a U.S. citizen and Ramy’s sister dealing with “the evil eye.” Remember if you want to see the oscar favorite Nomadland and do a hulu test run be sure you set aside time to see Ramy. Luckily the twenty episodes for the first two seasons are usually less than 30 minutes so binging is easily accomplished.     

Ramy: Series Trailer (Official) • A Hulu Original – YouTube

Ramy (TV series) – Wikipedia

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