Publication Announcement-

My short story “Cape Cod Drill” is included in the 30th volume of SMC chronicles. It’s about living on Long Island in the early 1960’s where my father prepares my sister Elyse and myself how to escape from our bedrooms on the second floor of our Cape Cod if there was a fire.

SMC Emeritus launchs the 30th volume of Chronicles, a literary journal of stories and poems from four Emeritus writing classes. This year’s Chronicles includes work by:

Eliyahu Abramson, Peter Bergquist, Gordon Blitz, Sylvia Boris, Ruth Lercher Bornstein, Elisabeth Boucher, Perri Chasin, Bj Cotton-Jeffords, Wendon Davis, Kit Dreyfuss, Andrea Ehrgott, Eileen Fiori, Camille Gaon, Sande Gendel, Linda Hernandez, Bita Golban-Moghaddam, Josephine La Rosa, Dianne Landau, Rosemary MacHardy, Anita McLaughlin, Esther Morrison, Fred Odom, Debra Pommer-Siegel, Sheila T Raznick, Merry Greene Rose, Phyllis Rothman, Basil Rouskas, Sharon Klerman Rudnick, Jeanne Shamji, Joan E. Stern, Rozelle Teplitsky, Marian Treger, Sharon Valente, Heather Marie Walsh, Craig Wilson, Marcy Wingard, Shifra Myerow Wylder, Pat Young, and Linda Zarou

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