Poem of the Week-Brow Beaten

The indentation between my eyes

Squinches my face.

The rest of my wrinkle free face

Found a home to burrow in.

The death accumulations starting with

My father after being Bar Mitzvahed,

My lover succumbing to AIDS

After our fifteen-year relationship,

The guilt that erupted after my mom,

Who lived with me for seven years

Before her dementia unraveled her,

Went into Lucy’s assisted living home

Near my sister in San Diego

And died within six months.

Health issues ate away at my frown


Herniated back surgery,

An inconclusive prostate biopsy

That showed a suspicious growth

That wasn’t cancerous

But needed to be monitored.

The ridges remain plastered,

Reminding me of my Taurus tight rigid

Personality that longs to be loosened.

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