Poem of the Week-The Supreme Mary Wilson Born-3-6-1944 Died-2-8-2021

Mary Wilson caused a waterfall

Where Did Our Love Go?

It never departed

Baby Love

Supreme love

Come See About Me

Mary saw me

Stop! In The Name of Love

Don’t stop

Back in My Arms

Mary could tell me what to do

Nothing But Heartaches

Heart aches today

I Hear a Symphony

A symphony in my heart

My World Is Empty

Without Mary

Love is Like An Itching in My Heart

Memories itch

You Can’t Hurry Love

Mary never hurried me

You Keep Me Hanging On

Hanging to keep on

Love is Here and Now You’re Gone

Mary’s unconditional love remains

The Happening

You wrapped the 1960’s


On Survival

In and Out of Love

Mary always front and center

Forever Came Today

Mary Forever

Some Things You Never Get Used To

Mary’s love

Love Child

Of the 1960’s

I’m Livin’ in Shame

Not with Mary around

The Composer

Of my heart

No matter What Sign You Are

The stars aligned

Some Day We’ll Be Together

Damn Yes.

The Supremes – Stop! In The Name of Love [The Hollywood Palace – 1965] – YouTube

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