Poem of the Week-Oz

Downtown Hollywood was my 1968 destination.

My sixteen-year-old adventure

I sizzled feeling

Judy Garland’s hand and footprints

In the cement blocks

At the Grauman’s Chinese theater.

My mom was pregnant with me

When Dad took her to see Garland in 1952.

Her first concerts

After being fired by MGM.

Judy’s comebacks.

Iron stamina set the stage

For my diva love

With Diana Ross and Barbra Streisand. 

Fave film Wizard of Oz.

The beginning of the film

Was black and white

Until Dorothy arrives in Oz

Technicolor blasted on the screen.”

Our 1956 television broadcast flickered

During the dissolve

From Kansas to the land of oz.

Pigments of colors

Sparkled in my brain

Despite eyes

Witnessing shades of black and white.

Returning home resonated with me.

Where I found safety from monsters.

Would I ever find my place?

Would I ever get somewhere over the rainbow

Like Dorothy?

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