Observations: Shipped Off- by Gordon Blitz

Teaser from my novella:

When a passenger on the Carnival Cruise goes missing, it causes a massive search of the vessel. Is the missing man dead, injured in some part of the ship or… drugged? If drugged, who did this? And how does the deepening mystery affect the relationships of three people… Gordon, Matt and Daniel?  How does the membership of Gordon and Matt in the GLBT temple Beth Chayim Chadashim factor into the mystery?

When I got word in January 2020 that Running Wild Press wanted to publish my gay 90 page mystery novella Shipped Off it felt surreal. I couldn’t believe that after I retired from my forty-year career in Finance, that I would become a published author. And now a year later, Shipped Off has been published as one of the seven novellas in Running Wild’s Novella Anthology volume 4, book 1. Being able to hold a physical book in your hand that you wrote is exhilarating. It’s a thrilling way for me to begin 2021.

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