Sylvie’s Love-Amazon

This throwback to the Douglas Sirk melodramas of the fifties steals the plot from countless love stories. Joan Crawford and Susan Hayward would have dug their teeth into the role of Sylvie Parker, a woman who combines family and career with relish. Throw in her Harlem jazz saxophonist lover, father who owns a record shop, infidelity, unplanned pregnancy, and a job as a Black television producer, and you have the makings of a lushly contrived story with plot points coming at you with speed of lightning. Tessa Thompson takes the most ridiculous dialogue and makes us believe them with her expressive eyes. The soundtrack is a sweet history of jazz and Motown. A guilty pleasure that won’t disappointed if you keep your critical eye locked away.  

Sylvie’s Love – Official Trailer | Prime Video – YouTube

Sylvie’s Love – Wikipedia

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