Poem of the Week-Bow Tie

Craven images of vampires

Filled me with dread.

My good-luck bow-tie

Should have protected me

From these blood sucking creatures

My failure at fastening

The paisley colored accessory correctly

Caused an attack to my freckled neck.

I tried to belch without success.

I hoped that the sour odor

Would work as a garlic substitute

To disintegrate

These humanized bats.

I searched for a stake

To pound through

Their muscular chest

But when I approached these monsters

The force of their bulging arms

Stopped me.

I had no arsenals left

So as I last resort

I stuck my hands

Down my throat to

Regurgitate vile poisons.

A repeated belch

Into the night creature,

Caused him to

Back away screaming

Melting like the wicked witch

From The Wizard of Oz.      

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