Like Dreamers

The book is a detailed long-winded account of Israeli wars following seven paratroopers. The following revelations help make the book somewhat readable:

Kibbutz Ein Shemer becomes a living character.

Ayn Rand (writer of The Fountain Head) is followed by some kibbutz members even though she’s anti-communist.

Secularism Zionism was considered temporary to revitalize the nation of Israel but eventually would  yield to the longings of the Jewish soul for god.

Paratroopers roasted nonkosher porcupines!

Paratroopers were fighting along with rabbi’s and dealing with religious customs about The Mount. The fear of walking over sacred ground where the Great Temple stood.

Looting by Jews in the Old City of Arab stores.

Refugees of Kfar Etzion kibbutz were told to avoid saying abba (translated father) in the presence of children without fathers. It was fraying so they had to disband.

For lovers of Jewish Israeli history this is a must read. For the rest of us maybe not so much.

Like Dreamers

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