Poem of the Week-Poolhall

Walking quietly into the partially covered pool area

Reflecting light rippled through the

Smell of the heavily chlorinated water.

Blue walls were bleeding into the crackled pool tiles

 Temperate warm water eased the dive into the pool

Buggy board slopped against the chest.

 Spigots of water spit on arms

After the body announced that thirty laps were sufficient,

the heavy-duty Israeli cotton towel dried off

Adjacent jacuzzi bubbled after turning the nob

 that brought the jets to life.

Almost scalding hot water soothed

 lower back ache

shrunk the prostate

comforted carpel tunnel wrists

Dunking head was the final baptism

Before pool ejecting

Sit on the peeling bench

and let droplets fall to the ground

 Kindle reading time

Guilty beach pleasure

 Twenty-Eight Summers by Elin Hilderbrand

Ammunition to face the remainder of the humid day

Rejuvenated dried fruit waiting to be picked

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