Poem of the Week-Blue,Red & White


I am angry.

I can’t listen to you without cringing.

 I feel like my core is being eaten

 You are being unreasonable.

 I am afraid you’ll take up arms against me if you lose the election.

 Don’t you want an objective voice?

You always talk about fake news and alternative facts but what about real news?

My right to abortion and healthcare is in jeopardy because of your party.

 You accuse me of being unpatriotic when I protest.  


-You don’t understand how I’m hurting financially.

You don’t know what it’s like to feel persecuted for my religious beliefs.

You want to create a socialist society.

Why do you mock me?

Shouldn’t I have the freedom to not wear a mask?

Why should I care about climate change if I can’t put food on the table for my family?

Why should minorities have preferences?

Why do I have to compete with immigrants for my job?

Blue-red conversation


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