Music Man 2003

The 2003 remake of the beloved film classic Music Man with Robert Preston was a project fraught with the following issues:

How do you compete with Preston’s iconic performance considered one of the best male musical performances of all time?

              Why remake an Oscar nominated Best Film?

              Even if you forget about the original cast, what could Mathew Broderick and Kristin Chenoweth bring to this Americana story?

              There is no reason for this television film to exist yet there is joy of seeing the fantastic choreography and hearing alternate version of the standards.   Our memories are refreshed as to why Music Man is a sure- fire musical that can survive any tampering.

              And the biggest surprise of my viewing experience was the shedding of tears in the finale when the love between Marian The Librarian and Harold Hill flourishes along with the town’s acceptance of a scoundrel with a heart of gold who saves the town.

              Unabashedly corny Americana but if you listen carefully, you’ll hear complex melodies and an early form of rapping.

              Available for free on the internet. What have you got to lose?

music man

The Music Man (2003 film) – Wikipedia

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