My Mother’s Son

Too many characters and interweaving plots don’t have enough gravitas to make it worth reading. The political stuff including graft and voter tampering left me cold. Story points about baseball teams, polio and horseracing are used as distractions. The very side story about an ostrich and circus provide a few moments of interest This story about Joey a retiring radio announcer barely holds the glue of the plot together. Much of the book revolves around Joey’s Uncle Jake (Jacob) who survived the holocaust and pretended to have polio instead of admitting he was depressed from survivor’s guilt that would lead him to suicide. Each character had a story that gets refuted later in the novel as not being true. Then the author cops out, by telling us that he can make up whatever he wants. Talk about an unreliable narrator. And characters have multiple names to further confuse the reader.     

David Hirshberg | Author of My Mother’s Son

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