Miss Fischer’s Murder Mysteries

I needed a change of pace from my insisant stream binging. My good friend Sy suggested I try Miss. Fischer’s Murder Mysteries on KCET. After watching the mystery procedurals River, Breathe, Unbelievable, and Line of Duty, I would give this 1930’s Melbourne period piece a chance. The old fashioned plot with flashbacks, telling rather than showing, and whimsy made it difficult to appreciate the program. The irritating score kept projecting thrills and surprises rather than letting them naturally occur. I was spoiled by the unique and refreshing plot lines on the streaming mysteries. The lush production design and the charismatic lead Essie Davis make the show tolerable but it never rose to the level of must see. It is available on Amazon and I have attached a link below to watch an episode although the viewing space is small.

Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries S01E08 – YouTube

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries – Wikipedia

One thought on “Miss Fischer’s Murder Mysteries

  1. I disagree. I have seen the Miss Fischer Murder Mysteries from the beginning. I find it light and entertaining. What I particularly like about the Australian, Canadian (Murdoch Mysteries) and all the British series is the lack of blood, gore and extreme violence. The crimes are created around people and the characters are developed. I’m sorry you didn’t like Miss Fischer but we all have different tastes.


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