The Group

This film based on the wildly successful book by Mary McCarthy is a mess. All the hot button issues of sexuality, female empowerment, birth control, psychoanalysis, suicide, politics and domestic abuse are covered during the excessive lengthy 150- minute film. But with an all star cast of Joan Hackett, Shirley Knight, Jessica Walter, Elizabeth Hartman, Candice Bergman, Larry Hagman, Hal Holbrook you won’t be able to stop watching this train wreck. And the actors have fun playing these stereotypes and spitting out clichés with gusto. The last twenty minutes jettison the plot all over the place to rush through to the ending. This may have the guts of the guilty pleasure Valley of The Dolls but it is still deliciously awful.

A clip from the 1966 film “THE GROUP” Joan Hackett, James Mulligan. (HD) – YouTube

The Group (film) – Wikipedia

The Group (1966) ORIGINAL TRAILER [HD 1080p] – YouTube

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