River-amazon prime

This 2015 series called River is an enthralling procedural with the twist of having the detective played by Stellan Skarsgard talking to and visualizing dead murderers and their victims. He’s searching for the killer of his detective partner Stevie. This goes way beyond the psychic tricks of Sixth Sense or Ghost. Despite the complexity of the mystery, creator and writer Abi Morgan keeps the plot on track with immense clarity. Leslie Manville as Stellan’s boss is a master class of brilliant acting. And Skarsgard rips your heart out with his inability to deal with the death of Stevie and being haunted by the dead. I roared through the six part series hungry for more of these characters I fell in love with. A definite must see for those on Amazon Prime. And for those of you without Amazon prime here is the entire series for your viewing pleasure.

River BBC 2015 S01E01 – YouTube

  River BBC 2015 S01E02 – YouTube

River BBC 2015 S01E03 – YouTube

River BBC 2015 S01E04 – YouTube

River BBC 2015 S01E05 – YouTube

River BBC 2015 S01E06 – YouTube

River (TV series) – Wikipedia

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