A Delicate Balance

Before my lover Scott died in 1989, he published a bibliography of Edward Albee. So, Albee has always been one of my favorite playwrights. A Delicate Balance was written after Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf. It won the Pulitzer prize to compensate Albee for not winning for Virginia Wolf. The committee was offended by the language of Wolf and A Delicate Balance was less controversial. Although not a landmark work, Albee’s language is mouth watering brilliant. This film was part of the short- lived American Film Theater presentation in 1973. With a cast of Katherine Hepburn, Paul Scofield, Kate Reid, Lee Remick and Joseph Cotton you are in for a spellbinding experience. Scofield towers over the cast with his understated performance. Hepburn, Reid and Remick are compelling but go for controlled hysterics. Tony Richardson directs adequately this more of a film staged play rather than a cinematic quality. Still for a chance to see this Albee classic with a bangup cast is a once in lifetime event. Free streaming too. LInk to the full movie is highlighted below

DelicateBalance- Hepburn and Remick (1970s) – YouTube

A Delicate Balance (play) – Wikipedia

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