Suddenly Last Summer-PBS

This old chestnut was shown on PBS in 1993. Maggie Smith pierces the role that Katherine Hepburn immortalized in the 1959 film. Dame Maggie roars and purrs with finesse and understands the mother of a gay man more effectively than Hepburn. Natasha Richardson has the Liz Taylor part and again the emotional resonance of her voice surpasses Taylor’s histrionics. Rob Lowe does nothing with the Montgomery Clift part. Let’s face it Tennessee Williams doesn’t give the doctor much to do anyway. This version follows the play without any opening up. But the stagey quality works in its favor. The print is Vaseline blurry but seeing Maggie and Natasha work is grand.

Suddenly, Last Summer starring Maggie Smith and Natasha Richardson (Complete) – YouTube

Suddenly Last Summer – Wikipedia

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