Valley of the Dolls

This campy classic follows one melodramatic scene after another. There are enough vacant stares between Patty Duke, Barbara Perkins, and Sharon Tate to fill a stadium.  And don’t forget that Lee Grant and Susan Hayward lend their reputation to small but hysterical contrivances.  Patty Duke must have been told by director Mark Robson that her monologue at the end of the film was based on a Shakespeare’s soliloquy. Mark never lets Patty Duke’s overacting lag. She screams and pouts with the best of them. Her scene where she pulls off Susan Haywards wig tops the camp of Dynasty. Barbara Perkins brings cluelessness to high art. Only Sharon Tate comes through unscathed and her suicide is bordering on touching. The laughs come fast and furious in this film that is so bad that it’s good. They don’t make train wrecks like this anymore. Here is the link to watch the film:

Valley Of The Dolls1

Valley of the Dolls (film) – Wikipedia

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