Conversations with Friends

The only reason I read this novel by Sally Rooney is because I was awestruck by the adaptation of her second novel Normal People on Hulu. This debut novel was a disappointing bore despite moments of relationship complexities. Her writing style of not using quotation marks around dialogue so that she must always use I said or he said or she said, makes for uneven reading. The author is on shaky ground dealing with a possible lesbian couple and infidelity. Without a story rudder, the reader can only admire Rooney’s gifted way with language. But that wears thin without an anchor. I suppose Rooney learned from her mistakes and Normal People was a superior followup.

‘Conversations with Friends’ author Sally Rooney answers your questions – YouTube

Sally Rooney – Wikipedia

2 thoughts on “Conversations with Friends

  1. I tried really hard to watch Normal People for a few episodes, but it was just too boring, like normal people.


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