Hamilton and Podcast

After watching the first twenty minutes of the filmed Hamilton on Disney Plus, I burst into tears. Even though I had seen the brilliant touring production at The Pantages Theater years ago, having the lyrics showing at the bottom of the television screen was a revelation. The lighting speed hip hop and rap musical numbers on stage are electrifying but unintelligible when you are hearing compromised. And, of course the iconic original cast from 2016 makes for an emotional crisis. This game changer musical resonates in 2020 with the questioning of our democracy and the future of our country devastated by systemic racism, financial devastation, and an out of control pandemic. But the brilliance of Hamilton is because it combines first class entertainment with a dynamic history lesson. The $6.99 fee for thirty days of Disney Plus versus hundreds of dollars seeing Hamilton live is a no brainer decision.  

HAMILTON Disney Movie TRAILER #2 – YouTube

Hamilton (2020 film) – Wikipedia


‘Hamilton’ Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda : Fresh Air : NPR

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